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Modern Viking

Viking Ship horn shot

Viking Ship horn shot

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Raise a shot to the fearless spirit of the Viking Age with our Viking Ship horn shot the ultimate symbol of strength, courage, and adventure."

A meaningful design

The Viking ship was the heart of Viking culture, representing the strength, courage, and adventurous spirit that defined these legendary seafarers. The intricate design on this shot cup captures the essence of this powerful symbol, reminding us of the bravery and tenacity that defined Viking society.

Imagine taking a shot from this beautifully crafted cup, feeling the weight of its solid horn construction in your hand and the thrill of Viking adventure coursing through your veins.

Don't wait – order your Viking ship shot today and experience the thrill and power of Viking culture in every drink.

• Hand Carved, Polished, Cleaned & Sealed

• Leak Proof Tested 💧

• Horn shot hold 30 to 110ml

• Four Hours Of Workmanship! 

• Ethically Sourced 

• 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty 

Note: This is a natural product. Each drinking vessel is hand-carved by an individual artist. Each vessel is unique in colour and craftsmanship. Items will differ in shape, colour, and size from the pictures displayed. Your vessel is one of a kind! You are the only Modern Viking in the world with this amazing piece. Skol!

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