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Modern Vikings

The Dragon's Path Mug

The Dragon's Path Mug

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The Dragon's Path Viking mug features a premium hand-carved depiction of Níðhöggr(the dragon) wrapped around a Vegvisir (Viking compass), this mug is a true masterpiece that is sure to captivate the attention of anyone who sees it.

The story behind the design

The carving on the mug represents two significant symbols of Viking mythology. Niohoggr, the dragon was a serpent-like creature that lived in the roots of the tree of life. The Vegvisir, a symbol of guidance and protection used by Viking navigators, represents the hope and direction that guided the Vikings through their travels. Together, these symbols represent the intersections of guidance and strength for the Vikings.

Bring the might of the dragon and the guidance of Vegvisir into your drinking experience and order yours today!

• Hand Carved, Polished, Cleaned & Sealed
• Leak Proof Tested 💧
• Mug Holds 500ml-600ml/20oz
• Four Hours Of Workmanship! 
• Ethically Sourced 
• 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty 

Engraving: Due to every product being a different shape and size, We will laser engrave your initials or name on the base of the mug. which is an additional charge, Please use the text box above and do not enter more than 20 Characters. 

NOTE: Our horn mugs are handcrafted from real horn, which means that each one is unique. The color and shade of your mug may be different from what you see in the pictures. Make sure you buy our mugs because you love the exceptional carving/design and unbelievable quality, not just because of the color or shade.

It's the Modern Viking craftsmanship and attention to detail that sets our mugs apart from the rest. SKOL!

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