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Modern Vikings

The Viking King drinking horn

The Viking King drinking horn

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Embrace the Viking spirit with our Viking King Drinking Horn. Crafted from the finest horn, it's a stunning link to the legendary warriors of the north.

👑 A Touch of Royalty: The luxurious gold brass rim encircling the horn is nothing short of regal. Its intricate pattern catches the eye, fit for those who demand nothing but the finest in their toasting experience.

With every sip from this horn, you'll be transported to the age of the Vikings, where bravery and honor reigned supreme. Raise your horn, and let the echoes of the past guide your toasts to greatness. SKOL!


• FREE Horn Stand!

• Hand Carved, Polished, Cleaned & Sealed

• Leak Proof Tested 💧

• Up to 16 Inches, Horn Hold 300-400ml/13oz 

• Five Hours Of Workmanship! 

• Ethically Sourced 

• 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty 

Note: This is a natural product. Each drinking vessel is hand-carved by an individual artist. Each vessel is unique in colour and craftsmanship. Items will differ in shape, colour, and size from the pictures displayed. Your vessel is one of a kind! You are the only Modern Viking in the world with this amazing piece. Skol! 


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