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Modern Viking

Natural Born Viking Blowing Horn

Natural Born Viking Blowing Horn

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Step into the world of the Vikings with our genuine Natural Born Viking Blowing Horn, crafted from real horn with a rugged and earthy appeal, each horn exudes a unique and untamed essence, taking you back to the fearless era of these legendary warriors.

As you raise the Natural Viking Blowing Horn to your lips, you invoke the very echoes of the past, summoning the winds of the North and honoring the gods that guided the Vikings on their adventures.

A meaningful design

The blowing horn was more than just a simple instrument to the Vikings; it was a sacred artifact that connected them to their gods, ancestors, and the very fabric of their cultural identity. Through its powerful sound, the blowing horn transcended time and distance, resonating with the bravery, unity, and beliefs that defined the heart of Viking culture and mythology.

Order your Viking-blowing horn today and unleash the roar of the Vikings!

• Hand Carved, Polished, Cleaned & Sealed

• 8 Hours Of Workmanship!

• Ethically Sourced

• 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty

Note: This is a natural product. Each blowing horn is hand carved by an individual artist. Each vessel is unique in colour and craftsmanship. Items will differ in shape, colour, and size from the pictures displayed. Your blowing horn is one of a kind! You are the only Modern Viking in the world with this amazing piece. Skol!

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